Location Dion
Dion :: Location Dion

Hotel "Gounos" is located just 10 km from the ancient Dion, which is at the foot of Mount Olympus and is only 5 km away from the sea. Its name is connected with God Zeus, the father of the 12 ancient gods.

Dion :: Location Dion

Dion was the religious city of the Macedonians. It prospered during the reign of Archelaus, when the king organized sporting events of nine days in honor of Zeus. King Philip also celebrated great victories in Dion, and Alexander The Great sacrificed there in honor of Zeus, before the start of a campaign.

Apart from the archaeological site, you can visit the museum of Dion, where there is an exhibition of the daily life of the ancient city.

Dion :: Location Dion
Dion :: Location Dion
Dion :: Location Dion

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